Melsmon Q&A

Q: Where is Melsmon made in ?
A: Made in Japan.

Q: How long has Melsmon been used in the market?
A: Over 50 years.

Q: What are the procedures to produce the Melsmon from a placenta?
A: The selection process for healthy placentas is very stringent. To ascertain whether the donors for placentas are free of viral infections, such as AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. By implementing the final sterilization procedure. At the final stage of the manufacturing process, the product is sterilized under high temperature (120 oC) and pressure for 30 minutes in order to eliminate any virus infection.

Q: Is Melsmon free of blood and hormone ?
A: Placenta contains abundant of blood and hormone but all these will be completely removed during the manufacturing process. Hence when you use the Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract, it is absolutely free of blood or hormone.

Q: What is the nutrients found in Melsmon ?
A: Amino acid , Protein, Enzymes ,Sugar, Nucleic acid elements, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats lipase, Polysaccarides, SA Amino Acid Various growth elements

Q : What is the growth factor found in Melsmon?
A: Seven growth factor including Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), Hepatocyte Growth Factor( HGF), Fibroblast Growth Factor( FGF), Insulin-Like Growth Factor( IGF), Colony stimulating factor( CSF), Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Interleukin IL-1、IL2、IL3、IL4

Q: Is Melsmon safe and reliable?
A: The Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract manufacturing process adheres to the requirements of the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Japan and adopts the entire GMP production technique. In addition, it also complies with the World Health Organization's stringent regulations in order to ensure that the Melsmon Cell Revitalization Extract is highly effective and completely free of any harmful elements and harmful side effects.